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Ampi Aristu Martel
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I just had weed delivered to my apartment by a cyclist from Quebec.


I have a mailing list.  People ask to be on it and then sometimes I send an email letter out and sometimes sometimes a person will send something back.
“Quite frankly, your emails seem to relay an endlessly tangled mind. I can not fathom the meaning of most of your writing,though I suppose the birds must have a innumberable amount of meaning for you. I beg that you would further explain these pieces of writing.”
I don’t know that I would know how to explain.  I suppose I imagined the writing would be the explanation, do you see?  This is rather like finding oneself at the bottom of the stairs and no longer knowing how to climb them.  But then for you I expect it is like someone you know arriving at the bottom of the stairs and watching them not know how to climb with you.
The birds are my own lumps.  And they are wood and they are wool.  The rain gets deeply in and I can hear the strings stretch.  And then I write to you about it. 
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Untitled.  Ken Josephson, 1976.  From the “Underware” portfolio, 1976, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Photography Department     
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Seashore. 1947.
Photographer: Toni Frissell
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oh bird
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Goddess Sculptures, 4000 - 3000 BCE
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katrien de blauwer
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Canvas  by  andbamnan